Cereal Box is here! Da-dada!!!

Here is the cereal box that I promised everybody! As mentioned before, I was, originally, not able to upload this picture due to some small technical issues. Now it is here! So there is nothing to worry about…at the moment.
This cereal box is the product on an in-class assignment that I worked on in my Graphic Arts class at school. Our assignment was to redesign a cereal box of our choice from off of a given website(which I do not know the name of anymore). Although the the cereal box looks easy to reconstruct(even though it was easier than some of my classmates’ cereal boxes), it wasn’t that easy.
I ran into a couple of problems with the pen tool and filling in the color-let’s not forget the text tool too! Since I wasn’t able to use the regular paintbrush to make the picture, I had to mess around with the pen tool and various figures. All-in-all, the pen tool came to be my biggest helper. One of my classmates helped me a bit with some coloring issues too.

I’m not finished putting the text on the box but I will add the rest of the text later. For now, this cereal box is the final product.

The first cereal box is the original box and the second box is mine….I had trouble with this assignment but it was lots of fun!


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