The Wonderful Powers of Microsoft Paint!

So, I’m guessing everybody has heard of Microsoft paint right? You know the stupid, hard-to-use painting program that comes with any Windows computer you buy?I bet most of the people reading this right now think that Microsoft paint will never be able to create a work of art…THINK AGAIN!

Microsoft Paint is an awesome program despite the opinions of over a ton of people out there in the universe. I’ve used Microsoft paint a couple of times myself and once you get used to doing it…drawing on the program actually becomes a little bit easier. No a lot though because it could take a person a couple of hours to make a work of art on there.

Here are some speed-paint videos from youtube that illustrate what can be made on Microsoft Paint. By the way…this was made using a mouse too.

Unfortunately, if this is being viewed on school property, you might not be able to view this wonderful speed-paint.

As I stated before I work on Microsoft Paint from time-to-time (not as good as that person in the video but I still like it).

I will most DEFINITELY post MsPaint drawings on here. I’m actually working on one right now…here is a sneek-peak…

As you can see I am NOWHERE near done but it’s comin’ around. Besides, I just started on this!

Her goes this other picture of Amy Rose that’s on hiatus for now…Probably not going to finish this one anytime soon but it took me forever just to get it to this point!Some Random Sonic Character

*I know I messed up on the hands…*



One thought on “The Wonderful Powers of Microsoft Paint!

  1. >:D
    Your drawings are epic! Yeah, alot people hate MS Paint because “it’s to hard”. I use MS Paint all the time! It’s awesome!

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