..::The Making of Skyward!::..

Part 1

This is the Illustration Friday picture that I posted not too long ago. I decided to name the piece (all-in-all) Skyward.

This basically is the first draft of Skyward. Part of the original sketch is still there and only part of the sun and top clouds are shaded with the black ball point pen. In the background you can see that there was some type of architectural structure in the background. I do end up removing the structure(s) due to limits on time and the buildings were looking pretty wierd back there. In retrospect, the buildings probably would’ve worked out but like I said before I was pressed for time so I erased it from the composition.

Part 2

This was the second picture I took of Skyward. As you can see a majority of the shading has been done (I went back and shaded in somemore later). The buildings in this point in time have been erased.


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