“Emotional Eating” Paintings by Lee Price

“Emotional Eating” Paintings by Lee Price.

I managed to stuble upon this blog on WordPress called Artstormer. I decided to look around and thought “OMG! This blog is really cool!”

So I snooped around the blog a bit and found this one article called “Emotional Eating” which featured paintings by an artist named Lee Price. I clicked on the article and saw these pictures. At first glance I thought they were photographs. NO. They were NOT PHOTOGRAPHS. They were actual paintings! The paintings, from my point of view, were depicting various women (that’s what they appeard to be) in different situations just eating to relieve sometye of emotional problem, etc. There were some slightly nude picture but I didn’t care about those. The one I though was the most interesting was the painting of a girl( froma a bird’s eye view) sitting in what appears to be a bathroom eating a bag of original Lays chips and around her are all these other bags of food scattered about the bathroom. The piece was pretty interesting considering that I thought the image was a photograph. And let’s not forget those food bags!! They bags are what really fooled be because they had such great detail! the bags really did look real.


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