..::SKYWARD::.. Illustration Friday submission

Up in the sky…there was the sun.

This is my final draft for my Illustration Friday submission! I actually like submitting to Illustration Friday…it is quite fun!

I drew this in a regular black ball-point pen. This picture did not take very long to do but I like the picture. I could’ve done better but this is it for now! This icture depicts (possibly) two cloud agels that are sitting on…clouds with the sun(upper left hand corner) in the background in its own set of clouds. I should name this picture Fluffy Pancakes just because it reminds me of…well..Fluffy Pancakes!

At least the clouds do…

I drew the sun that way because I didn’t want to draw the sun any ol’ way so I took a different approach to drawing the sun. The main circle of  the sun reminds me of one of those volumonous and colorful lollipops that you see and amusement parks and other tourist attractions. The quadrilateral shapes surrounding the sun are the rays emanating from the sun itself.


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