..::First Picture Done::..

This is my first picture which is based off of this article:



For everybody who has read the article(and everybody who hasn’t), this picture is based off of the recent demand from the people of multiple states to separate from the United States. The picture depicts a scroll-like document posing as a petition. The petition lists Alabama and a few of the other states who wish to secede from the United States.  A majority of this project was done on Photoshop with the exception of the scroll/document. The outline of it was done in Abode Illustrator so I could come out with a smoother appearance. I did not have to many complications working in Photoshop, mainly because most of the effects I used were effects I have used before. I don’t particularly like the poster though. I’m not really the type of person who makes artwork based off of news events because I don’t really have any inspiration for it. If I were able to make the poster better I woud make it more decorative and appealing to the eye instead of some ugly, thrown-together project with a gradient background.


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