..::Chinese New Year::..

Chinese New Year: 2013

As everybody knows the holiday season is coming and with the holiday season comes the thought of a new year: 2013. The new year celebration that I’m talking about has nothing to do with January though. I’m talking about the Chinese New Year that comes about in February. While 2012 was the year of the dragon, 2013 will be the year  of the snake! Although I’m not a really big fan on reptilian animals, I am excited about this event because the Birmingham Museum of Art will be having an art exhibition for the Chinese New Year of 2013. For an individual’s artwork to get in the exhibition though, one has to submit there artwork and have it picked out. Basically it’s a contest…a contest I will be submitting to.


For my picture I’m thinking about drawing a scene based around the family more-so than the snake, because if you think about it-people are going to be thinking “OH! It’s the year of the snake so I should draw just so regular ole’ snake!”


Like I said before though, I’m thinking about basing mine more around the festivities and family values than around a snake.




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