..::MS Paint &Sumo Paint::..

For people who don’t already know, I commonly use MSPaint to draw some of my digital drawings from home, but before I really started taking the time to draw on MSPaint, I drew on an online program called SumoPaint.

In the past SumoPaint and I had many issues that I personally could not deal with so I left for a while, but now that we’ve gone to counseling and have resolved our issues I am back and ready to produce some artwork on Sumopaint!


How about you check out the website too? Don’t go to Sumopaint.com though. The SumoPainters have since then moved to a new location called sumo.fm (I believe). Don’t get me wrong! Sumopaint.com still has the program on the site, you just won’t be able to find the community associated with Sumo on sumopaint.com anymore.

SumoPaint is a good program, almost like the Internet’s online version of Photoshop and other drawing programs in more ways than one. I find SumoPaint a lot easier to use than Gimp too. On SumoPaint, an individual is able to make frequent use of the layers and other effects such as the burn tool, the smudge tool, and the blur tool (and many more) which are also present on Photoshop. Not only that but an individual is also able to post their artwork online for the world to see!

Also, here is a new picture that I’ve concocted on MSPaint. I’m planning on finishing it on SumoPaint once I get out of school for the holiday break.



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