..::Cinnamon Sketches::..

Warning: These are not sketches of actual cinnamon. It is about this story here!



Cinnamon 1

This is the first of the sketches. As you can see there is only a head. You can also see that the sketch is being displayed vertically. This is because this picture isn’t really significant. The only profit I got from this piece is the design for her…almost.

Cinnamon 2

This the second sketch. I was going to go off of this sketch but I soon figured out that I wasn’t going to draw the tiger. So I made another sketch that will be listed below.  This sketch was going to be the basis for a modern take on the scene in the story when she is in the Tiger’s room. I was going to have cinnamon in some type of cute dress of some sort and have her inside of a tiger’s cage inside of a zoo of some sort. I really like this idea but unfortunately I am pushed for time. Plus, I am not able to draw animals very well.

Cinnamon 3

This is the sketch that I will be basing my final picture on…somewhat. I colored her head and part of her hair for the fun of it but this is not the final sketch. In my final picture, I will have her siting on top of the Tiger with mango trees in the background and the (annoying) parrot flying around somewhere.

And yes…those globs with circles on them are trees but in my defense this is just a sketch!



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