I wish I had found this FABULOUS piece pf artwork before. I now I’ve seen a few photographs of sand sculptures but this brings a new meaning to the holidays. Let me introduce you to SANDA CLAUSE (Lol)!



From My Metropolis Metropolis:  

Since childhood, Indian sculpture artist Sudarsan Pattnaik has always enjoyed playing in the sand. As he grew older, he realized that this interest could translate into an artistic career. Now, the artist has developed the Sudarsan Sand Art Institute in order to develop his trade and to pass along his knowledge of sand sculpture, sand animation, and sand painting to students from all over the world.

Pattnaik’s main focus is to build beautiful designs without compromising on the purity of the natural substance. Recently, he and thirty of his students designed an installation featuring 500 Santa Clauses along a sandy beach in Puri, India. The Santas are built in all shapes and sizes, and grow directly out of the ground. At the peak of the installation is a giant Jesus with a message carved into the gritty earth: “Go green, save earth.” Pattnaik says, “I…

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