..::Pulp Illustration Dedication!!::..

See what I did there? The title rhymes doesn’t?

I think I might Have finally finalized my idea for my Pulp Illustration project! Unfortunately, this Pulp picture won’t involve a whole bunch of Robots vs. Monster type action with three chicks trying to save this one dude(he’s got it going on doesn’t he?). Instead I’m going to simplify the picture a bit. Sure! It will still have the three heroines and the damsel-fied man but just think of the picture with out the robots….but there’ll still be a monster!


Here two sketches for the girls. Only two of them are shown and these sketches are not even their final designs! There will be an Asian chick, a Black chick, and a Caucasian chick. In the sketches, for the asian chick, I’m just using her hair style and for the one up top I am using her hair and possibly her body shape…not sure yet.

No, I am not racist either.

Pulp sketch

Also in other news, I have to create a second Pulp Illustration…maybe the girls might make a come back but in a different adventure. I’m not showing any sketches yet for this second illustration.


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