Diner Disaster and Afro-Forest Adventure : A look into my Pulp Creations

First off, let me apologize for my lack of updating my blog. As of late I have been extremely bust and therefore have not been able to update anything sufficient enough to satisfy my followers’ starving minds. So, I am here to say…


To make up for my lack of updating, I am here to present to everybody the sketches for my new pulp image which I planned on updating last week.



Diner Disaster is going to be the name of the piece. I was loosely inspired by the song “Tom’s Diner” by Suzanne Vega. Tom’s Diner had been in my head for a long duration of time and since I loved the song “OH-SO-VERY-MUCH!” I decided that it would be essential to have a diner as the primary setting for the pulp image. The monster which will be featured in this piece is a gumball machine. Cute right?


This monster is a deformed gumball machine which will be having stick, gum tentacles sprouting from its metallic body. Plus, the gumball machine is inspired by Benson from Regular Show so we ALL no he is not cute and bubbly.

Here are the sketches!!



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