..::The Post Before the Last::Pulp::..

On Friday, I will put up a long post as an overview of my pulp project and I will have finished coloring both of my pieces. My pulp illustrations are completed but I decided to color them which is prolonging the final update until Friday.

(( C: ))

In the meantime, I am here to bless everybody with my updates on coloring for both of my pictures. Plus a bonus picture of my messy room with all of my colored pencils, markers and crayons sprawled out on my carpeted floor.

BTW, I love teasing you guys so I’m only going to show you guys one picture for the Forest Fiasco pulp. (( 😛 ))


Pulp# 1: Forest Fiasco

“…And then there was two…monsters that is.”

“OK, now is NOT the time to be joking around Phila-“

“AH COME ON! I was just playing around~”

girl #2

Pulp# 2: Diner Disaster


:Observations with coloring:

When I was coloring these pictures I tried out some new techniques with coloring. Firstly, some techniques I already know is that when using colored pencils, markers, and crayons. ALWAYS start by putting down the colored pencil first because then you won’t be able to see the colored pencil if you put down marker or crayon on first. Secondly, crayon always goes on last because the wax base of the crayons will absorb the markers and will not allow for the colored pencils to color over it.

Some new things that I learned is when coloring on regular printing paper, if you use colored pencils and markers- the markers kind of smear when put on the colored pencil. The colored part has to be smooth for the marker to smear though because if it is smooth then the colored pencil won’t allow for any traction and the marker will just sit on top the colored pencil instead of being absorbed by the paper.


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