..::New Project-Graphic Novel::..


My new pro is to create a concept for a graphic novel and, from that concept, create a splash page, a layout page, a cover, and a promotional cover. The novel has to include selected DC Comics characters. The characters can appear as the main characters or they can just be cameos!

So far, my Graphic Novel revolves around WonderWoman and Supergirl(not woman). Since I don’t have to know everything about these two…I made up a story. Here’s a slight summation of the story so I won’t spoil everything:

WonderWoman and Supergirl are walking around somewhere and then they come across this lost little girl named Aria. After finding Aria, bad stuff happens and a new enemy named Sophia emerges. Along the way, Batman and Superman try to help behind the scene but the get turned into these cute miniature figurines.

The story is mainly going to be told from Supergirl’s POV. I’m also trying to include WonderWoman’s mother, Queen Hippolyta too.

WonderWoman are going to be seen as these super(loll) teeanage fashionistas who still live with their mother. I’m actually going to have Supergirl and Wonderwoman refered to by their original names to. The comic is going to be comedic action. Funny but action packed and serious.

For the contents of the graphic novel assignment. I’ve already started on designs for Supegirl and Aria Sophia (I’ll explain why their names are combined later…:P) but I am working on Wonderwoman and the other characters. For the Layout page, I’ve been researching different layouts and looking at actual graphic novels ( and manga)to see how they use panels. I have a concept for what would be one of the opening scenes of the graphic novel and I sketched it out and used a graphic novel page format from an actual graphic novel to try it out. It looks okay but I don’t want to use it really for my assignment. I want to use something that has Aria and Wonderwoman in it.

Graphic novel layout page sketch:


The Splash page will be two pages and full of color! 😀

I want the splash page to very dynamic but calming. Wonderwoman, Supergirl, and Aria are running away from Sophia and all of a sudden they jump off a roof and you can see a view of the whole city with them jumping off kind of floating in the air. They’ll be in their regular fashionista outfits (because they’ll have secret identities in the graphic novel) and once they fall down they’ll change their outfits.

The Promotional Poster will be serious…with comedic relief coming from miniature batman and superman.

The characters (Wonderwoman, Supergirl, the minis, will all be standing side-by-side in different poses and at the top of the poster it will say:

“Are you ready?”

I was also thinking about just having Aria/Sophia in the poster and it looking all dark and demonic. I’m not sure here about which one I want but I think I will choose the first one since that seems to fit more.

The cover page will have Supergirl and WonderWoman striking a pose in the cover page with their super outfits. Supergirl will be in her 70’s super outfit and Wonderwoman will be in her newer outfit(not her original outfit with the skirt and stuff).

I want to have all of this colored digitally but the sketches will be made on regular paper not on the computer.

Other sketches of Supergirl and others:






















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