..::Graphic Novel Update-2::..

As of right now, I am working on the cover page for my graphic novel assignment. When I finish everything, I will add a third post to show my progress and finished work. I will be adding the post by Monday since the project is due by then.

In any case, I plan on using markers as the medium for my project…at least for the cover page and graphic novel page.

As for the promotional poster and splash page, I am thinking of using something different! C:

The title of the graphic novel is Unreal, by the way!

Without further ado, here are some sketches (for the project over course)!

*Also, I plan on releasing the story for Diner Disaster and Forest Fiasco along with this story over the summer!*




The first picture is something I originally drew for the cover page, but I put it aside and found that Wonder Woman (yes that is Wonder Woman) looked older than I wanted her to look. Also, I decided to put Wonder Woman and Super Girl in their super outfits for the cover, because what if this cover were to be the cover to an actual graphic novel? I want the readers to be able to recognize who the heroines are while still staying in my style!

Also, that little girl in the background is supposed to be Aria!

She looks like she is up to something…hehehe!


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