..::Graphic Novel-Update 3::..

In the process of trying to draw the design of my antagonist Sophia, I came to a point were I drew her in the most horrendous way!

I would’ve put her in the other graphic novel post but I thought she deserved a post all for herself. Since, Aria basically is Sophia, I decided to add the final design for Aria on this post too!



Sophia actually looks scary in these sketches!


When I made these sketches, I was trying to decided if I wanted her to be REALLY chubby, or moderately thick. I think I might choose moderately thick since I’m not trying to make Sophia be scary.

And on a side note, I’m not scared of big people! xD

Here are the sketches for Aria!


Ignore that chick on the side! That’s just another early sketch of Sophia.

Just pay attention to the mischievous little girl off to the side…


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