..:: Gimps is my BABY!::..

Forget Sumo Paint (we broke up last month), Gimps is my new Boo!


Anyways, I downloaded the free program, Gimps, on my new computer a while ago and haven’t been able to fully work on it until recently. I love it too!  It’s kind of interesting-how much you can do with it that is. I still can’t fully grasp everything about it so I can’t explain everything about Gimps in as much detail as I want. Besides, I’m still playing with it myself. All I know is that I have a pack of pencil brushes that I downloaded for Gimps that I want to use for my final project.

Now while I have Gimps, I still want to try Krita. I mentioned Krita in one of my older blog post and was not able to successfully use the drawing program due to my older computer being incapable of opening it.

But now I have a NEW computer. So I’m going to download it again to see if I can use it now. Especially since those awesome drawings I see in videos on Youtube being drawn using Krita. Maybe Krita will be my second baby. Maybe I will only have one baby.


(Or not. C:)


For my final project, I plan on using Gimps and traditional tools to produce five pictures.


3 thoughts on “..:: Gimps is my BABY!::..

  1. I haven’t heard of Gimps. I have use Krita and is amazing for painting. What Operating System are you on? I heard some Krita versions had problems in Windows.

    • The operating system that I am on is Windows 7. When I first tried to use Krita I had an older version of Windows so I am going to try again once I am done with my final exams and have more time to commit to the program. Also, here is a wikipedia link explaining what GIMPS is. GIMPS is basically a free image editing program. C:

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