..::Final Art Project Piece (for the school year)::..

Wonderful Couching 7


This one is not my favorite. Probably because I did not finish all of it before school ended. So I had to improvise and make something out of my incomplete project. My final project manifesto is actually supposed to be composed of five pieces but I only have the sketches for those. I could have finished this piece if it were not for the surprise birthday party that I had on Saturday (May 18). Oh well! At least I turned in something decent. I drew and colored this piece all on my computer. I sketched her on Microsoft paint(Windows 7 version). Then I transferred the sketch to GIMPS and re-outlined and colored the rest there.

Here are all the sketches that I made:

Wonderful Couching sketch mspaint

What a wonderful couch it is!

Side looking sketch

She’s looking at you.

Little tub girl sketch

My tubbie is MINE!

Twinkie Monster Sketch

Don’t wait 22 years to eat a twinkie. Just DON’T!

Here is Wonderful Couching without the outlines!

Wonderful Couching 7 pt1

I’m not finished yet but I will be!



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