..::Final Graphic Novel Package::..

Sorry, I really wanted to have everything finished when I was going to upload all of my graphic novel assignment in one post. I enjoyed  this assignment (not including the splash page); it was really fun! MY original concept for the story of this graphic novel did deviate away from the original story, but I tend to do that a lot so that problem did not affect my graphic novel a great deal. My favorite part (s0 of this assignment had to be when I was working on the Promotional Poster and the Graphic Novel Page. I like these to pages the most because I got to use WATERCOLOR for both pieces.

I had fun working with the watercolor. My second favorite would have to be when I was working on the Cover Page. The cover page came in second because when I was working on coloring the page, it took a REALLY long time to complete. Not as long as when I was working on the poster and the page but I was just having a difficult time coloring the page all-in-all. I had fun doing it still though.

Lastly, I do NOT like the Splash page.




First and foremost, I had a difficult time trying to think of what I should draw for the Splash Page. When I had my original concept for the Graphic Novel page I knew exactly what I wanted to draw but as I deviated away from that concept it became or difficult to decide what I should draw for the Splash page. There were some other factors that made me hate the splash page even more but there is just to much to list.

Without further ado-

Here is my Graphic Novel Package!


Cover Page



Promotional Poster

Promotional Poster



Graphic aria panel page

Graphic Novel Page


IMG_0788IMG_0789Graphic novel panel page

Splash Page

(Looks around and does not see a splash page.)

Want to know WHY?

Because the Splash Page is THAT BAD! I’m really disappointed in the page to be honest so I will not be posting the page. I will keep it for my own personal improvement.


Also, I would like to apologize for some late posting. I had finals and an AP test to take care of and became terrible busy but that happens sometimes. The only bad thing is that this blog was a part of my art class assignments and I had two post two blogs every weekend (actually every Friday but I always forget to post of Friday…).

Now, while some of my classmates will probably abandon their blogs. I WILL NOT!!!

I love my blog to much.

I will probably reorganize my blog sometime during the summer since I am out of school now (FINALLY!).

I MIGHT change the theme, though. I like my current blog theme but I am growing bored of it. When I do change my theme, tell me if you like it or not. C:

In other news, do any of you all have any other suggestions for improving my artwork or my blog?

If you do PLEASE COMMENT! Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



2 thoughts on “..::Final Graphic Novel Package::..

  1. Good thing you have on this page! I personally enjoy how it’s painless on my eyesight as well as the information is well written. I am just wondering how I might be informed any time a brand-new blog post has been made. I’ve gone ahead and subscribed to your feed which should probably work! As an old school writer of graphic novels for more than 20 years, I have a tendency to glance at the art initially while looking for a narrative. Regardless of the subject matter, a great story is polished by fantastic artwork that pushes the narrative forward. I believe the thing that I like most relating to graphic novels and comic books is their strength of the medium. I’ve got you book marked https://mikitymackmeerkat.wordpress.com/2013/05/22/final-graphic-novel-package/ at Metafilter.com so my geek buddies are able to access it as well. I just simply made use of ..::Final Graphic Novel Package::.. | mikitymackmeerkat for the blog name in my book mark, because I guessed if it is well enough as the headline on your web blog post that, then you most definitely wish to see it book marked online as well.

    • Oh! Thank very much for the bookmark. C:
      I honestly don’t have much to say which disappoints me since you wrote SO MUCH!
      You should be fine if you are subscribed to my blog if you are worried about being notified about whenever I post a new blog entry.

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