..::Summer Break Has Started Yet It Feels like August Already::..

First off I would like to apologize about not updating my blog in the past few weeks. I have been busy trying to organize some things and just other crazy stuff. I think I being a bit paranoid over this summer homework I was assigned though. I have some papers to write, reading assignments to complete, a math worksheet and other miscellaneous stuff to tend to before summer break is over. Because of all this I feel as if I’m already in the month of August!

Or late July – Your choice.

Since I have a lot of free time ( aside from my recently acquired part-time job at Subway), I’ve decided to try and practice my drawing skills some I can improve and explore new mediums. For my birthday, my mom said that she would get me a canvas (I’ve never painted on a canvas before). I haven’t gotten it yet but I will soon!


I have been making sketches lately but nothing much. I’ll upload them later. Right now I’m just coloring random things (not really random if you think about it). I dug up this picture from last school year that a friend of mine drew. She didn’t want it anymore so I took it. I’ve decide to color so the half-colored picture is sitting next to me right now as I am typing up this sentence. I love how I colored the eyes.

One medium that I want to improve in a lot over my summer break is watercolor. Watercolor is very beautiful; I can’t get enough of it! I checked out a book form the library with some information about watercolor and different techniques, etc & etc. The book is only a guide though. The rest of the exploring is up to my imagination and I. The book is by Elizabeth Horowitz.

On the other hand, I’ve taken a break from GIMP. After school ended I kind of grew bored of it. Not because I am really bored of it but because I was tired of the digital art assignments I had to complete over the school year. I have started taken an interest in GIMP again but for now GIMP and I are in a platonic relationship. The love isn’t what it used to be a couple of weeks ago. I’m pretty sure some of you out there can relate to that.


Since I’m taking a break from GIMP, I’ve decided to try and catch a different fish in the sea of free (and single) computer programs. I searched and then I came across an old friend – Krita. I;m going to download it at least in the next couple of days. You know – test it out a bit, have little “practice” lessons, etc

I’m having way to much fun typing this.


Anyways, Krita just keeps calling me in my mind ever since I discovered it last year. So I WILL download it soon.



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