..::Story Time Anyone?::..

As I promised before, I will write the stories for Diner Disaster and…Forest Fiasco(I think). I am actually wrking on Diner Disaster right now. Since DD is the more interesting one out of the two stories –  and has more of a developed story at the moment – DD will be finished before Forest Fiasco. I have also taken up the goal to write a daily short story. The story will be based on the “Word of the Day” on Merriam-Webster Dictionary website. I’m doing this so I can improve of my writing skills. I won’t post the story I write each day though. I want the minimum number of pages for each day to be two pages too. I don’t know how this will go though. I  start on that goal yet though because I’m writing Diner Disaster.

I did take a look at the “Word of the Day”…for today(6/19/13). The “Word of the Day” is



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