..::Final Manifesto::..

As the school year winds down, the artwork only gets better!!!!

For my final art assignment (but not my final blog post), I have to make a compilation of new artwork showing my progress and what I’ve learned thoughout the school year. I’m really excited and I already have so ideas about what I’m going to do.


In other news, that random picture that I posted last week was supposed to be for Illustration Friday. The theme was trains and in the picture there was a dress train.


The picture was not finished though and I have to work on it so expect that sometime soon.


..::Series: Contour Of A Friend::..

Along with the Graphic Novel Assignment, on the side, I also had to do a contour drawing and make some modifications and what-not in Adobe Photoshop. At first I did a blind contour but it only turned into a scribble on the digital canvas-SOOO I decided to do it while looking up at the paper.



"Abstracted from view lies the work of an art student."

“Abstracted from view lies the work of an art student.”

Black & White

Contour of A Friend: Colors Do Not Matter


Contour of  A Friend: Inverted Colors


Contour of A Friend: Messiness is a Given

This contour drawing I drew from a photo of my friend in the art room. She is sitting down and in front of her is her purse onto of her school textbooks and binders. Hidden from view, she is working on a sketch. The background is some stuff from the art room. I have the original photo on my phone, so I won’t upload it until I have permission from my friend to upload the picture.


Contour 1This one was the first FIRST contour of my friend. I was doing this on the computer and I wasn’t looking down at the tablet I was using. So instead of looking somewhat like a person…it turned into a bunch of scribbles. But it actually kind of looks like her (I’m just joking! >.<)


..::Graphic Novel Cover-Complete::..

I’m still going to post a full post showing all of my graphic novel material, but for now…here is the cover page!

This was my original idea for the cover page. That is Wonder Woman’s face and she wasn’t going to be in her original super outfit-same thing for Super Girl. But that all changed! C:



Final Product!:


In my defense, backgrounds are hard to color…my goodness…

When I get back to school I’ll update this photo with a (possibly) better quality because this cover was taken with a cam scanner -an app on my phone. Plus, my phone doesn’t have very high quality any ways. I would like to thank Mr. Ross, my art teacher, for putting up that link on Edmodo to that blog.


There was a blog entry about backgrounds and how to make it to where the background isn’t colorful so you won’t distract away from the main image. In this case it’s Wonder Woman and Super Girl…and Aria in the background. I swear though-that background was a pain! NEVER. AGAIN

(Okay, I will color a background again but when that time comes I’ll have better supplies!)

For the cover I use-

Printer Paper

Colored Pencils(Crayola and Royal)

Markers( Crayola)

Crayons (I don’t know…)

White gel pen

Also, I know there is a big white space where the title is but I don’t know what color to put up there!! D’:

..::Graphic Novel-Update 3::..

In the process of trying to draw the design of my antagonist Sophia, I came to a point were I drew her in the most horrendous way!

I would’ve put her in the other graphic novel post but I thought she deserved a post all for herself. Since, Aria basically is Sophia, I decided to add the final design for Aria on this post too!



Sophia actually looks scary in these sketches!


When I made these sketches, I was trying to decided if I wanted her to be REALLY chubby, or moderately thick. I think I might choose moderately thick since I’m not trying to make Sophia be scary.

And on a side note, I’m not scared of big people! xD

Here are the sketches for Aria!


Ignore that chick on the side! That’s just another early sketch of Sophia.

Just pay attention to theĀ mischievousĀ little girl off to the side…